Matt Munson

I am a 29 year old geek who enjoys learning, and putting what I learn to use. Whether that be building a website, setting up a network, or even building a 3D printer. I've always enjoyed technology, the first thing I learned on was a Commodore 64, playing games and even attempting some of my own. Ever since I've loved learning about technology, from video editing, building websites or programming various applications to building robots. I grew up in Helena, MT, it's a small city/town in Montana,the capital city. Not much to speak of Helena, but around it? Lots to enjoy if you're outdoorsy, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, even nice relaxing drives on old back roads. As for IT work, there isn't much, nor is there much a manufacturing district here. Growing up I spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, being indepedent of most people my age, I've done things from playing sax and guitar in band to learning french, and german in highschool, (sadly, no, I'm not that fluent in either,)editing videoforthe school news program, rebuilding engines both for school and fun,